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Many of my friends like this photo, which was taken by me at a concert to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Tsinghua University. This photo reminds me of an old Chinese saying: the wider your mind is, the larger your stage will be.


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Great shoot

A great shoot made by Stephon Marbury far from the three-point line, photos taken at 2010 CBA All-Star Weekend, Wukesong Indoor Stadium, in Beijing.

At this moment, whether he comes to China for commercial purpose does not matter (which I actually believe is a moot point all the time), the only thing we’ll remember is the excitement and happiness he has brought to us.

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This is a real sample of Mesh Quilting, taken at Captital Museum, Beijing.

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Manual graphics

There are much fewer actors in the opening ceremony of XXI Olympic Winter Games, compare to Beijing 2008. Obviously, the Chinese people are the best at “manual graphics”, in which each actor performs as a highly-intellegent and well-organized individual “pixel”.

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The first and the most surprising impression I got in Japan is about traffic. At the crossroad without traffic light, the cars will always stop far away and let the pedestrians go first; when there is traffic light, very few people travel against the signal color.

These are totally different from what I see and experience in China. While spending extremely large amount of money on inter-city railways, the authorities have nothing to do about the traffic issue in the ever-growing large cities. The width of the road has zero impact on how fast we can go, but just determines how many cars are trapped by traffic jam per unit length.

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Cloud textures in Beijing

I took these photos outside Sigma Building at sunset several days ago.

These beautiful cloud textures were rarely seen in Beijing due to the heavy air pollution, which helped one of my old classmates publish his famous dehaze paper in CVPR 2009. Every coin has two sides, so does the air pollution.

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