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Software update

I tend to be quite conservative to update the software on my PC and try the latest versions, mainly due to the following reasons (1) I may already get used to the old version, such as the appearance and arrangement of UI components; (2) although a newer version usually fixes some bugs which I may never bump into, sometimes it introduces new bugs that bring about troubles from the very beginning. This week I tried to install the latest CTeX (a suite of software about LaTex) with a version number, unfortunately, it cannot compile my tex files properly, while an older version numbered works perfectly.

To clarify, I’m not saying there is no need to update the software. Quite on the contrary, I think it’s very difficult or even impossible for a certain software to reach its *final* version. Last year I updated the CTeX suite on my PC from a very old version (numbered 2.4.6), and it took me less than one hour to figure out some nice update. For example, the auto-wrap feature of WinEdt will no long automatically convert soft return into hard return; the new version of MiKTeX can successfully compile the tex file even when some source figures are missing (by using a keyword “draft”); a new PDF viewer called Sumatra PDF has been integrated into the suite, which will re-render the PDF file immediately after it is updated by the MiKTeX compiler. Moreover, by double clicking the content in Sumatra PDF, the corresponding tex source will be tracked by WinEdt, which is extremely useful when the tex file becomes horribly large.


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