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Great shoot

A great shoot made by Stephon Marbury far from the three-point line, photos taken at 2010 CBA All-Star Weekend, Wukesong Indoor Stadium, in Beijing.

At this moment, whether he comes to China for commercial purpose does not matter (which I actually believe is a moot point all the time), the only thing we’ll remember is the excitement and happiness he has brought to us.


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Control the emotion

To work without any emotion is one of the keys to success for many professions. However, there are inevitably something that may have negative impact on our mood, like unfair review/comments, postponed schedule, or even a poor match of your favourite football team. While I’m still learning to better control my emotion, I’ve found the following tips useful for myself:

  1. Lower down the (relative) importance/priority of the stuff in my mind, and think about other things that go on well. Sometimes bad emotion comes from the fact that we care about something much more than its real worth.
  2. Do sports. This will distract myself naturally. In extreme weather such as the heavy snow in Beijing yesterday, an alternative way is just to imagine I’m playing basketball with full focus, which actually has been proven to be a good method to develop one’s basketball skill without too much sweat.

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This is a real sample of Mesh Quilting, taken at Captital Museum, Beijing.

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